AMPA ​Sneak Preview!We are the best!



AMAKER A Sneak Preview of Taipei AMPA 2022!! Amaker 500 Turbo for Mercedes Benz A45 M133 
#AMPA ​Sneak Preview!We are the best!
#AMAKER Welcome you to our booth.
Enter for the J section and we are at the main intersection!
Booth number:J0808
Floor Plan:
Our #AMAKER turbo for #AMG #A45 keeps pushing the horsepower to the limit.
It is a great turbo for users who are looking for fast spool-up as well as obtaining the overall horsepower at the same time.
This turbocharger features dual ball bearings and customized turbine housing on both sides.
And this is a bolt-on turbocharger, which can be installed directly on the original factory location.
The turbine kit is provided with oil and water pipes to configure this turbine, which is easy to install and saves labour costs.