TAIPEI AMPA 2023 and making it a huge success!



Thank you all for coming to TAIPEI AMPA 2023 and making it a huge success!

An enormous credit to its excellent organizing team, the Taipei AMPA is the most prestigious, largest and most diversified auto parts exhibition in Asia. During this post-covid time, it is our dedicated staff who stick to their posts and do their duty. It is because of you that this successful exhibition is possible. We sincerely express our appreciation to all the attendees who have participated in the exhibition for their support and encouragement in the past four days. Thank you all again for the great effort and the huge contribution!

In 2023, on the basis of the successful hosting of the exhibition, we will make persistent efforts to bring you a more delicate and international exhibition.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2024!  We also thank all of you who came to visit and provided us with valuable advice and support, a deep bow.