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Noporvis supply turbocharger and its parts to Vehicle Manufacturer, OEM Turbo Manufacturer, Private Brand Automobile Parts Distributor, Automobile Chain store. By Supplying the Turbo parts to OEM customer help Noporivs to proof the quality and consistency of Noporvis goods. Unlike the after market parts seller, OEM customer run many different kind of product test before qualifying Noporvis as supplier. In fact, it is truly difficult for customer to tell the quality of the parts by looking at pars itself. 


Noporvis also certified the TS16949 ISO system by TUV German in 2018.  TS16949 ISO system is the quality system recognized by most of global vehicle manufacturer.

We specialize in Complete turbocharger Assembly and its Cartridge. Please click the Icon below for connecting you to the Catalog.



Cartridge / CHRA