Principle of Turbocharging

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Turbocharger is actuallyan air compressor,which increases the air intakeby compressing the air. It utilizes the inertia momentum of the exhaust gas from the engine to push the turbine wheel end in the turbine housing. The turbine drives the compressor wheel, which is using the same axis, and compresses the air which transmitted via the channel of the air filter. As a result, the air pressure is increased and the air enters the cylinder.

When the engine rotation speed increases, both the emission speed of the waste gas and the rotation speed of the turbine wheel accelerate simultaneously. The compressor wheel compresses more air into the cylinder. By increasing the density and pressure of the air, the capability of fuel combustion is greatly extended. The output power of the engine is raised by increasing the fuel capacity and the rotation speed of the generator correspondingly.

   More environmental friendly – reduction of the carbon and waste gas
   More economical – fuel efficiency optimization
   Faster – engine minimization and performance enhancement