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Noporvis was found in 2011. The young founder Neal Chan, has the experiences of distribution of original turbocharger, repair and manufacturing of automobile air brake system. Due to expensive charge and difficulty to obtain the original turbocharger replacement parts, the idea to produce by ourselves was born in our minds. In-house manufacturing, quality control instruments and global certified operation system are the prime functions that Noporvis emphasizes. To ensure we offer the best possible quality to our customer, we have invested world class top line measuring machines. The only one goal is to produce the same or even higher quality than the replacement of OE and OES. So far we have achieved to supply to top class customers including vehicle manufacturers, repair services channel of original vehicle chain, famous brand franchises of after-market and larger turbocharger workshops and so on. We are continuously improving on the product range, delivery time and quality. We want to produce better parts to make our earth environmental-friendly. At the same time, we aim to help our customers to save as much cost as it can. If you see the same goal, we here to invite you to join Noporvis distributor team, so we can spread good products worldwide. By 2018 we kindly announce that we have added Heavy Duty complete turbo and Performance directly bolt-on ball bearing turbocharger into our product line.